Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 Mediterranean Dishes to Improve Your Health

Researchers have found that a Mediterranean diet reduces the chances of cancer and Alzheimer disease. The mystic land has a unique historical and cultural heritage which dates back to the era of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. In 2017, the place enjoys enough attention due to its unique scenic and architectural beauty, but Mediterranean cuisine is the main center of attraction. Rarely, would you find a culinary journey which gives you a balance of taste and health. The delectable dishes keep multiple diseases at bay. Forget obesity, you would have a better cardio vascular health if you have some of these Mediterranean dishes. Plus, the punch of anti-oxidants and minerals boosts your immune system and stops you from falling ill frequently.

Mediterranean dishes to improve your health

Below are 5 highly nutritious Mediterranean dishes which come with great health benefits:

Mediterranean Shrimp and Pasta: A truly mouthwatering delight which has high fiber content. It is close to 8 grams per serving. This dish will make you feel heavy for a long period of time. This dish also helps you burn 25 percent more calories in a day.

Greek Style Picnic Salad: The recipe is healthier than the average pasta salad. It packs a total of 4 grams of fiber in less than 300 calories. Sun dried tomatos, spinach and chick peas add to the nutritional value of the dish which is a true delight.

Mediterranean Pizza: Mediterranean Pizza is filled with the healthiest of vegetables, perfectly balanced in 150 Calories per slice. The thin crust is easy to digest and does not give you a very heavy feeling after consuming the pizza.

Grilled Vegetables: Grilled vegetables do not need an introduction. When mixed with the choicest of Mediterranean oils, it gives you a superior taste! Best served with grilled meat and fruit salad! It is an ideal accompaniment for a glass of sparkling wine.

Two Bean Greek Salad: The two bean Greek salad is one of the most popular Greek salads which packs a total of 300 calories in a single serve. It is a true delight for the connoisseurs of continental food.

If you are still thinking, then it is time to get up and start acting. Replace your high calorie weekend restaurant menu with a few Mediterranean dishes. It would give you better health outcomes. 

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