Monday, 13 November 2017

Can Mediterranean Foods Increase Your Longevity?

Ever since I have come across the book “A Book of Mediterranean Food” written by Elizabeth David, I have developed an interest in the Mediterranean diet. The book beautifully describes the diets followed by the people of the Mediterranean regions like Greece, Italy, and France.

The Mediterranean dishes are widely gaining popularity for not only their palatability but loads of health benefits too. Many popular restaurants are adapting these cuisines in their menus to offer a richer and fulfilling experience to their guests.

A group of researchers investigated an Italian village, Acciaroli in the Mediterranean region. It was found that one out of every ten residents of those villages is aged above hundred.

This reason for their longevity is none other than the fact that their meal consists of domestic rabbits, chicken, home-grown fruits, vegetables and olive oil.
Mediterranean Foods Increase Your Longevity

Loads of Anti-Oxidants

It is a well- known fact that peoples of the Mediterranean region live a longer and healthier. Their climate encourages the growth of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants fight free radicals that damage our cells, thus reducing inflammations that are linked to so many chronic diseases such as cancer.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 Mediterranean Dishes to Improve Your Health

Researchers have found that a Mediterranean diet reduces the chances of cancer and Alzheimer disease. The mystic land has a unique historical and cultural heritage which dates back to the era of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. In 2017, the place enjoys enough attention due to its unique scenic and architectural beauty, but Mediterranean cuisine is the main center of attraction. Rarely, would you find a culinary journey which gives you a balance of taste and health. The delectable dishes keep multiple diseases at bay. Forget obesity, you would have a better cardio vascular health if you have some of these Mediterranean dishes. Plus, the punch of anti-oxidants and minerals boosts your immune system and stops you from falling ill frequently.

Mediterranean dishes to improve your health

Below are 5 highly nutritious Mediterranean dishes which come with great health benefits:

Mediterranean Shrimp and Pasta: A truly mouthwatering delight which has high fiber content. It is close to 8 grams per serving. This dish will make you feel heavy for a long period of time. This dish also helps you burn 25 percent more calories in a day.

Greek Style Picnic Salad: The recipe is healthier than the average pasta salad. It packs a total of 4 grams of fiber in less than 300 calories. Sun dried tomatos, spinach and chick peas add to the nutritional value of the dish which is a true delight.

Mediterranean Pizza: Mediterranean Pizza is filled with the healthiest of vegetables, perfectly balanced in 150 Calories per slice. The thin crust is easy to digest and does not give you a very heavy feeling after consuming the pizza.

Grilled Vegetables: Grilled vegetables do not need an introduction. When mixed with the choicest of Mediterranean oils, it gives you a superior taste! Best served with grilled meat and fruit salad! It is an ideal accompaniment for a glass of sparkling wine.

Two Bean Greek Salad: The two bean Greek salad is one of the most popular Greek salads which packs a total of 300 calories in a single serve. It is a true delight for the connoisseurs of continental food.

If you are still thinking, then it is time to get up and start acting. Replace your high calorie weekend restaurant menu with a few Mediterranean dishes. It would give you better health outcomes. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Benefits of Mediterranean Foods

There has been a lot of talk recently about whether fat or sugar is the worst offender when it comes to our eating habits. But by focusing on individual nutritional components it’s easy to miss the bigger picture. While it’s important to understand how different diets and nutrients affect our health and well-being, a whole diet approach offers a more helpful way of looking at our pattern of eating and choices.

Benefits of Mediterranean Foods

What is a Mediterranean Foods?

A typical Mediterranean food includes lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals and cereal products, for example whole-wheat bread, pasta and brown rice. It also contains rational amounts of fish, white meat and some dairy produce.

It’s the combination of all these elements that seems to bring health benefits, but one of the key aspects is the inclusion of healthy fats. Olive oil, which is a monounsaturated fat, is most commonly bracketed with the Mediterranean foods but polyunsaturated fats are also present in nuts, seeds and oily fish.

What are the Health Benefits?

Research into the traditional Mediterranean foods have shown it may reduce our risk of developing conditions like - diabetes, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol, which are all risk factors for heart disease. Experts have also found that people who closely opt for a Mediterranean food may live a longer life and be less likely to put on weight.

How Does it Work?

As research into the benefits of this type of food is ongoing, there may eventually be certain foods that are found to have greater significance for health. For now however, it seems it is the overall diet approach and the combination of foods, rather than individual ‘super foods’, that make this a healthy way to eat.

This makes sense, as it’s true to say that if you are eating an unhealthy diet, full of processed foods, adding one element, such as olive oil, is unlikely to have noticeable health benefits if that’s the only change you make. However, if you adjust your whole diet so you eat a little less meat and more fish, opt for healthy fats and eat more fruit and vegetables, then it could make a significant difference.

Make use of this Article. Spread it to your family, friends and loved one’s so that they can find out the health benefits of Mediterranean Foods.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

3 Tips for Researching and Finding Wholesale Mediterranean Food Suppliers

There are numerous wholesale Mediterranean food suppliers, so as you can imagine, finding and forming trusted relationships takes time and research.

Here are some tips for Researching and Finding wholesale Mediterranean food suppliers in Canada, and best practices for entering into agreements with them.

wholesale Mediterranean food

1. The Wholesale Business

The wholesale industry is highly fragmented, with 50 of the largest distributors generating 25 percent of industry revenue. Wholesalers serve retailers and other service businesses through a variety of distribution networks and supply chains. At the top of the chain are manufacturers. Next are the wholesalers and brokers.

2. It’s All About Volume

The wholesale business is volume-centric. The more you buy Wholesale Mediterranean Food, the lower prices become, and complete satisfaction that for sure.

3. Researching and Finding Wholesalers

Finding Researching and Finding wholesale Mediterranean food suppliers in Canada takes time, but there are a number of best practices you can use to help your research efforts:
  • Search the Internet
  • Trade Magazines
  • Ask Around
  • Talk to Brand Manufacturers
Don’t forget to ask for references and do your own research. Don’t sign any agreement or make your decision before you’re 100% satisfied.